Alex Rex (alex_rex) wrote,
Alex Rex

(-Изя-) Z6 — всё.

Как нам передаёт hubaХаба-Хаба, таки ой:

From: Ward Dossche (2:292/854)
To : Alex Barinov (2:50/0)
Subj: Z6
Date: 10 May 07 14:42:06
Attr: Pvt Trn
@MSGID: 2:292/854 00052926
@PID: DB 2.70
@TID: DB 2.70
@INTL 2:50/0 2:292/854
* Originally to All in the REGCON.EUR echo.

Just so everybody understands what's happening.

Zone-6's content has been copied to zone-3 in a new network. That will
guarantee there is at least a functional NC minding the store.

The content of the zone-6 segment will eventually expire. This week its
zonegates will be removed, in zone-2 the zonegate for zone-6 will also be

Take care,



-+- RNtrack 1.12/OS2
+ Origin: New World ■ 780-5448 ■ 20:00-08:00 (2:292/854)
Tags: fido
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